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HOME.ge - real estate buying and selling rental site in Georgia!

HOME.ge has been on the Georgian market for a long time, but this time the site is presented in an updated form on the Internet. It should be noted that HOME.ge has an updated logo and design - simple, compact and informative.
On HOME.ge, it is possible to place advertisements about apartments, houses and country houses, commercial spaces and hotels for free.

The user has the opportunity to search for the real estate he wants by specifying various search parameters. Companies/individuals in the real estate industry have the opportunity to post listings for real estate and hotels they own.
If you want to place an ad, you can do it on HOME.ge in a few simple steps - you choose the category of the ad, the module, enter the text and the site form helps you fill out the ad in detail. You upload the images and your application is ready.
Placing an ad in the standard module is free. The site also has paid modules for posting priority ads: PREMIUM, EXCLUSIVE, SUPER VIP, VIP+ and VIP. If placed in the mentioned modules, your ad will be prioritized - it will appear in the search results higher than standard ads and will therefore have more views depending on the popularity of the content of the ad. It should be noted that the prices for placement on the site are quite acceptable, and also the maximum term of placing an ad is 30 days. All priority announcements will also be shared on the HOME.ge Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/homegeofficial/ which is quite popular and many people visit it during the day.
It should be emphasized that the HOME.ge site is visited by users from different countries besides Georgia: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, etc., Israel, Germany, Italy, etc.

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