Bidding Set To Take Flight on $28M Swan Lake Castle Near Sacramento

Bidding Set To Take Flight on $28M Swan Lake Castle Near Sacramento
A brand-new castle, described as being "inspired by the grandeur of European royalty," is headed for the auction block.
The mansion on Moss Court in Granite Bay, CA, is scheduled for an online auction on March 15. For an idea of where the bidding might hover, the current list price on the place is $28 million.
Located in an upscale suburb of Sacramento, Swan Lake Castle has six bedrooms, seven full bathrooms, and seven half-bathrooms on 15,400 square feet of living space.
The nearly 5-acre property just north of Folsom Lake is filled with eye-catching details.
“It’s like a Disney park, like a theme park,” explains the listing agent, Vadim Eidemiller. “It has three ponds, all kinds of fish, swans—everything. It has waterfalls with lights and music similar to Las Vegas.”
There’s also an intricate gazebo supported by eight classical-style statues, reached by a small footbridge.
Eidemiller says the castle took several years to build. It was built to commercial standards, but located in an area zoned residential.
The current owners aren’t releasing a lot of information about the property. Many of the home’s details aren’t visible in the listing photos, and the owners would prefer to maintain the home’s mystique.
“The sellers want to keep some features not exposed to the general public. They want to pre-screen people, because most likely, whoever is buying the property might be caring about their privacy,” Eidemiller explains.
As a result, most folks can’t see anything other than a few windows, ceilings, floors, a staircase, some bathroom fixtures, and a very secure door.
Eidemiller claims that the castle is beautiful inside, built with true craftsmanship and wired with smart home features.
“It’s difficult to describe, because everything so expensive and so high-end,” he says. “It’s literally a castle. They took the design from some European castles.”
Construction on the castle began in 2012, putting to work a fleet of experts.
“[The owner] began his search for designers and craftsmen formerly schooled and trained in European architectures of the 17th and 18th centuries. His goal was to bring a piece of European royal luxury to Northern California,” Eidemiller explains. “[They] set about locating the craftsmen and artisans who could turn these plans into reality and who were up to the task of constructing the amenities, like the grand staircases, Gothic arches, domes, vaults, courtyards, and grand fireplaces, all built on a royal scale.”
The listing describes the master bedroom as having a balcony, walk-in closet, and wet bar. A basement features a theater, wine storage, and a workshop.
There is also a garage with room for seven cars and open parking spaces for dozens more.
Most of the construction was completed in the summer of 2020, and construction on the pool is finishing up now. It’s not clear whether the interior is finished, but Eidemiller says the owners had a final permit signed off in 2019.
Putting the castle on the auction block is a way to goose buyers into action, so that the owners can move on to other projects.
Eidemiller tells us that the castle and the land are exceptional: "It truly is a home fit for European royalty. [The owner] built a home his royal forbears would be proud to live in. To see the finished creation is to fall in love with it."

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