Live in the Braddock Point Lighthouse on the Shores of Lake Ontario

Dec 01, 2020
Live in the Braddock Point Lighthouse on the Shores of Lake Ontario
A home on the shores of Lake Ontario comes with an illuminating amenity—its very own operating lighthouse.
Built in 1895, the Braddock Point Lighthouse in Hilton, NY, is on the market for $996,000.
“The lighthouse does still operate,” says the listing agent, G. Harlan Furbush, adding that the Coast Guard maintains it.
In the century since it was built, the beacon has become somewhat more modern—trading out a oil-burning lamp in favor of an LED light. It’s a familiar sight to the folks who traverse the waters of the lake.
“It’s not so much a lighthouse to warn of the shoreline as it is more a navigation point,” Furbush told us.
The lighthouse sits on 5 acres and is connected to the home, which has sheltered a total five lighthouse keepers and three private owners.
“It retains a lot of the original detail. The current and previous two owners have just meticulously maintained and restored the property,” Furbush says.
The lighthouse was deactivated in 1954 and was then reactivated in 1999. It’s also a bit shorter than it was back in the 1890s—structural damage forced the Coast Guard to remove the upper portions of the tower when they deactivated it.
A buyer will reap the benefits of the lighthouse, without much upkeep required. The agent told us the owner’s responsibility for operating the lighthouse is minimal.
“I think the Coast Guard comes and checks on it once a year,” Furbush explains. “They call ahead of time to say they are going to come in. My understanding is the agreement says [the owner] gets paid $1 a year for saying they are the lighthouse keeper, so it’s pretty low-maintenance.”
Furbush is enthusiastic about the views from the top of the lighthouse perch. He says that if he bought this property, he wouldn’t get any work done.
“I’d be sitting at the top of my lighthouse all day,” he says.
The attached brick home has three bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms and currently operates as a bed-and-breakfast.
In keeping with the Victorian design, there are several pocket doors and many other original details. A sunroom was added at one point over the years.
The owner and operator of the bed-and-breakfast, Furbush says, have been living in the carriage house, which has two bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms, a kitchen, and living space.
Back inside the main home, the kitchen has a walk-in butler’s pantry with the original cabinets.
“The kitchen sink, that big white sink, is actually the original sink to the house, and there’s a replica Victorian gas stove for cooking,” Furbush explains.
All the mechanicals in the house are updated and operational.
“You could move in and do nothing unless you want to change the paint color or something,” Furbush says.
“You could come in and take over and keep maintaining and running the Braddock Point Lighthouse Bed and Breakfast without missing a step. Or you could move in and turn it into your residence and do nothing other than make some cosmetic changes.”
The property has 148 feet of waterfront on the lake, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers built the breakwater system along the shoreline.
“In terms of waterfront property and that type of integrity, you don’t get much better than that,” Furbush notes.
He says this property is perfect for someone who wants a unique waterfront residence.
“When you drive in, there are two very big wrought-iron gates, so there’s a great sense you’re driving up to something special. For a lot of people who visit there, it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience to stay in an authentic lighthouse and period home. It’s very much original,” he adds.

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