Sep 30, 2020
Whether you’re tackling a DIY project for the first time or are a seasoned home improvement veteran, learning to identify and avoid mistakes will make any project you take on go a lot smoother and safer. Read on to find out the five most common mistakes DIYers make, and how to keep them from spoiling your next home improvement project
DIY Mistake #1: Biting Off More than You Can Chew
At one time or another, every DIYer has started a job with too much enthusiasm and visions of the finished project dancing in their head. It’s easy to underestimate the size of the task in front of you and start a project that requires more time or skill than you can handle.
How To Avoid This Mistake – Start small, don’t try to plaster the walls of an entire room if you’ve never patched a hole in a wall. Don’t try to wire a new plug if you’ve never even replaced a fuse before.

DIY Mistake #2: Getting Measurements Wrong

Not measuring accurately is a sure recipe for disaster, and it often results in a whole project ruined and a lot of frustration. The worst thing about this mistake is that it’s so easily avoided.
How To Avoid This Mistake – Start by making sure all your measuring equipment is 100% accurate, otherwise you could unknowingly make a mistake. Then make sure you measure, re-measure, and then measure again. Whenever possible, hold the work in position and mark the piece directly, rather than relying on a transferred measurement.

DIY Mistake #3: Using the Wrong Tools

If you’ve ever tried to make do in a DIY project with a tool that’s not designed for the job at hand, you know how important having the right tools can be. Every project has certain tools that make the job go smoother and safer, and some jobs require specialty tools to complete.
Using incorrect tools is not only a sure way to ruin a project, but it also can be dangerous, since you might use excessive force or do something that causes further problems in the long term.
How To Avoid This Mistake – Always use the right tool for the job! If you can’t afford to buy the needed tools, rent them at a tool rental center or borrow tools from a friend or family member.

DIY Mistake #4: Bad Budgeting

Many over enthusiastic DIYers start a job without enough advance planning or taking into account all the expenses that will be involved.

How To Avoid This Mistake – Before you buy a single screw or nail, go through the entire project on paper, figuring all the materials you will need and the associated cost, then add 10% just to be sure. That way unexpected expenses won’t will come back to bite you halfway through the job.

DIY Mistake #5: Take DIY Home Improvement Safety Seriously

Tackling DIY projects around your house can be an enjoyable hobby, but safety concerns should always be paramount. Simple things like poor ventilation when painting a room, haphazardly drilling screws into walls, or cutting a board that’s not properly supported can be extremely dangerous and lead to serious injury.
How To Avoid This Mistake – View any DIY project as a serious job, wear the proper safety equipment (gloves, earphones, safety glasses, and a respirator or dust mask if needed), take the necessary precautions during every task, and never do anything that could result in serious danger without consulting a professional first.

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